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You burn your cross and I’ll burn this flag. You burn your laws and I have to tag speaking my mind. With this can of paint spraying these words it’s too late. The sun has come up and I have to sleep. Back in the shadows I have to creep. Covering your swastika I paint the word love. You get what you give and that says enough. It’s not that your ugly with your shaved head, It’s just I can’t stand you and your racist friends. Call me a fool and maybe you can kick my ass. I live without regrets, so how long could it last. I scream out loud and I can’t pretend. Now everyone shouts, "You’re not my friend" I try to love all, and that includes you. Even after all that you’re put me through. I want to forgive you but it’s not quite time. This anger still burns in the back of my mind. I scream out loud and I can’t pretend. Now everyone shout, "You’re not my friend".

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