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Peace Officer
As we were walking one night enjoying the warm summer night, laughing and unsuspecting of the ordeal that was to follow, myself & two other friends were about to be violated. After a long night of horseplay & sick, cynical humor we made our way back home. OUt of nowhere two police cars pulled up. Cops rushed out of the cars & slammed us up against their cars, screaming "Spread your fucking legs," as they kicked our ankles. We were eventually surrounded by 5 0r 6 cops & 3 cop cars, so quickley that there was no time to make any sense of it. After an intense search of my person, I, as well as on other friend, were ordered to sit ass-on-our-ankles, hands behind our heads on the hard concrete. As the interrogation unfolded, question after question continued. "Don't you fucking lie to me! Tell me the truth!" To me the officer said, "Don't you fucking look at me, you piece of shit. If I hear one more word I'll rip your hair out of your fucking head, Bob Marley!" I can only assume he was referring to my braids by titling me Bob Marley. Minutes turned into an hour, question after question continued. My arms and neck became numb from that position. I could feel the concrete digging into my ankles, then something was muttered. Soon, I felt a knee in my back & a fist holding the back of my shirt. An officer's voice said, "I'm talking to you Bob Marley! Where's your ID? You have no ID?""No," I spoke. "How old are you?" he asked. At the time I was 17. Then moments later, we were released. The next day Factory 81 had a new song, Peace Officer. This song is dedicated to all the police & all the power tripping pigs. How can I be free? Slap these cuffs on me, I'm just a freak.

Источник: factory81.hotbox.ru
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